New Solution for Fast Order Fulfillment

How to boost your order fulfillment 

In today´s intralogistics, fast order processing is crucial for every business: customers expect a correct delivery in the shortest possible time. But warehouse operations can be slowed down by quite a number of factors: operators have to cover long time-consuming distances, they fight safety and ergonomics issues. Articles are stored in different places, difficult to reach, causing mispicks. And a growing business actually needs the space that is being used inefficiently, leaving no space for expansion.


The new solution for fast order fulfillment will solve all these issues. 

It is an efficient goods-to-person solution that enables wholesale companies to reduce the distances walked in their warehouses drastically. The combination of smart and intuitive technologies virtually eliminates picking errors, plus intelligent order batching enables a fourfold increase in the productivity of order pickers – and all without having to install a complex system of rigid conveyors or investing in other costly material handling equipment. 

To achieve fourfold increase in productivity is not wishful thinking but reality.

Read our whitepaper, here is how we do it.

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Customer experiences prove the efficiency of the solution

A lot of our customers have already adopted this solution and improved their order processing substantially. They

  • Increased operator performance and safety
  • Reduced personnel
  • Reduced travel and search time
  • Saved space

Ready to find out how Wildkamp, a technical wholesaler, optimized space and time while at the same time increased order throughput and accuracy? Then read our customer story.

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